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To Be Vegan Or Not To Be

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There is a Vegan Revolution worldwide

There is a Vegan Revolution worldwide

The world seems to be swept away by a new diet concept called ‘Veganism’. It simply means abstaining from eating all kinds of animal products including meat, fish, eggs and even dairy products and honey.

How is the Vegan diet different from a Vegetarian diet?

The Vegan diet is different from a vegetarian diet as a vegetarian diet may also include milk, eggs and honey, but vegan diet does not allow for that. Some vegan diet proponents even advise abstinence form use of animal products such as wool, leather and fur. Should you follow the herd and go Vegan?

Here are few pros and cons of a Vegan diet that could help you to decide for yourself:

Why should you go Vegan?

1. More anti-oxidants in natural foods

Mix brussel sprouts with mushrooms and almonds

Mix brussel sprouts with mushrooms and almonds

The Vegan diet is known to be rich in anti-oxidants that help in releasing toxins from the body. A vegan diet is also known to keep the temperament cool and less aggressive.

2. Human body is naturally designed to eat Vegan food

It is said that human organs are not designing to drink milk other than human milk. Also human teeth have been designed to eat only herbivorous diet and not a carnivorous diet. It is low in cholesterol and easy to digest.
Some of these and other designs of the human body point that human being are meant to be vegans by nature. It is hence known that people following a vegan diet are less likely to suffer from heart and kidney diseases.

3. Stop cruelty to animals

Vegan diet prohibits use of animal meat and other animal products and thus helps in putting an end to violence and cruelty against animals. Also unnatural processes of cross breeding between animals and genetic mutation to increase animal produce are techniques used in modern day animal husbandry practices are taking us away from the natural order of things.

Why say no to going Vegan?

1. High quality proteins and other nutrients

Protein is an essential building block for body. It is argued that animal protein found in meat and fish is a higher quality protein than a vegetarian source. Also certain other nutrients like Omega-3 are found more in salmon and eggs and there are no such comparable vegan resources or such nutrition dense animal foods.

2. Man has known to be a hunter in the wild

It is argued that man is known to be hunter in the wild and there is no validation of the theory that man is meant to be an herbivore as per nature’s laws.

Eating healthy is what matters

Eating healthy is what matters

A man is what he eats. As long as you meet your nutrition requirement, it doesn’t really matter what side of the vegan diet argument you fall on. If you are healthy and eat a balanced diet, whether vegan or not, you can enjoy a fulfilling life. Lastly do consult your dietician before making your final choice.

Five Smart Ways To Reduce The Cost Of Car Insurance

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Do you have the right car insurance for your needs?

Do you have the right car insurance for your needs?

If you’re like most people, then you’ll certainly be having your insurance coverage for a pretty long time. Although you will hardly use your insurance, buying it is as inevitable as paying taxes on your income. After all, insurance is something you’ll like when you need it. You’ll want to get the cheapest insurance coverage, but if you’re buying the wrong policy, then being cheap is absolutely irrelevant. Below are some 5 ways you can cut the cost of car insurance.

1. You should consider increasing your deductibles

Raising your deductibles can cut your insurance cost hugely. For instance, you don’t need to have your insurer pay claims above $500. You can change your policy and pay for the first $1000. By so doing, you’ll cut down premiums on collision and comprehensive coverage. You should also understand that you may have your policy cancelled or you can be charged huge sums if you do not file small claims. You can also consider dropping comprehensive and collision on cars that are older as the cost of collision can be more than what could be recovered in the event of a collision.

2. Negotiate for discounts

Always make sure you use your negotiation power. If you buy homeowners or coverage from the same insurer, you can bargain for discounts. You can also negotiate using the safety features on your car such as air bags, automatic seat belts, antilock brakes, antitheft, and alarms. These are features that can reduce risks of accidents and thefts. Some insurers take them into consideration when giving you a quote. Young drivers’ insurance is often costlier than experienced old drivers, but you can look for insurers who reduce insurance costs for good students and those who have successfully completed defensive driving classes.

3. Use your driving experience to get cheap insurance

Drive Safe & Save On Your Insurance

Drive Safe & Save On Your Insurance

Insurance companies are always wary of careless and bad drivers. Drivers who have been involved in car accidents in the past, drunk drivers, and those who have been issued tickets for speeding constitute a great risk to insurers who find it hard reducing their insurance costs. If you have a clean driving record, you can use it to ask for discounts on your insurance rate.

4. Avoid duplicating your insurance coverage

There are associations that offer roadside or towing assistance. It could also be your credit card membership. You should not pay your insurer to provide services that you receive elsewhere. In addition to avoiding duplicate coverage, you should also take your mileage into account. Your insurance company will consider the mileage when calculating your insurance policy. The fewer miles you drive your car, the lower will your insurance premium be.

5. Get good car maintenance

Take care of your car and it will take care of you

Take care of your car and it will take care of you

A car that is regularly serviced will cause you little worry. The same goes for insurance companies. The insurer wants to feel that your car won’t have accidents that can be prevented through good maintenance. You should also park your car in a garage. Cars that are parked in secured environments will not likely be stolen or hit by other cars. You should let your insurer knows if you park in a garage as this can get a discount for you as well.

Getting the cheapest insurance policy will depend on a number of factors. But you can be very smart and cut down the cost of your insurance. The secret is to know what constitutes a risk to insurance companies and get it out of the way.

The Benefits Of Video Marketing For Your Small Business

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This is the Video Marketing era

This is the Video Marketing era

The age of video marketing has finally arrived. People are no longer responding to traditional marketing techniques. Your small business should not fall behind in this new age of video marketing. In other words, you should start a video marketing campaign as soon as possible. Use this kind of campaign to brand your company in addition to advertising your products.

Video marketing works. For example, there are more than three million YouTube views on a daily basis. You are at a great disadvantage if you have not incorporated video marketing into your overall marketing strategy. This means that a lot of companies and individuals are way ahead of you in this respect. Here are some of the reasons why catching up is a good idea for your small business:

Video marketing captures the attention of your potential clients

Videos catch the attention of your potential clients

Videos catch the attention of your potential clients

More than two hundred and fifty million domains exist worldwide. Each domain has some given type of content that it uses to attract its potential visitors. This content is usually in word form. Video marketing increases your odds of attracting more visitors as opposed to these other domains. This is because well-designed videos are fun and intriguing to watch. People may even ask their friends to watch certain videos with them. In essence, videos help potential clients to absorb new information without much help and/or difficulty. Use video marketing to get your client’s attention.

Video marketing is better when it comes to making tutorials

It is also important to note that many companies have products and services that are a bit complex. This means that some companies have to teach their consumers certain things about their products and services including how to use them. The best way of teaching your consumers is not through words. Rather, it is through video.

People can rewind videos or fast-forward them without much difficulty. In other words, it is easier for people to review your tutorial repeatedly. This means that they can truly understand what your company is trying to teach them. Better understanding of your products and services leads to better sales. You should start using video marketing techniques today. You will not believe how fast your sales figures will grow.

Video marketing brings out the message clearly

Explaining anything to anybody may not be easy. Some people will get the message while others will misinterpret it. Video marketing allows you to communicate effectively with your intended audience. There is no need of either repeating yourself or using another medium. All you have to do is to make a video. Videos are brief, straightforward and therefore, very effective. Try out video marketing. It will help you to communicate more effectively to your audience.

Grow your business using video-marketing!

Grow your business using video-marketing!

These are all the reason why you should utilize the power of videos in your overall marketing strategy. Remember, the internet is awash with opportunities. You do not have to be a big company for your video to go viral. All you need is a bit of creativity and a powerful message. It is in video marketing that small companies can compete with big established companies. Do not lag behind. Start your own video marketing campaign today.